Start of a smaller me

Most of us want it, but damn it is a bitch to get. I’m talking about a smaller tummy. Let’s face it, it is a lot harder for a female to lose weight than it is for a male. Our bodies hold onto fat so, given the chance, we can nourish a child. Men, on the other hand, can shit and lose 10 pounds.
It is especially difficult to lose that nasty flabby post-baby pooch that sits right there, right above your jeans. Niiiice, we all love a sexy muffin top!
I’ve been trying and dieting (BUT allowing a lot of “oh this won’t hurt, oh it’s only a small piece of chocolate) and have been able to lose a mesely 9 pounds. This has been yo-yo-ing since January and it’s time to put my foot down and just lose the damn weight already! No more excuses, and no more crappy dieting. I’ve started boxing, which is a great cardio work out by the way, and now it’s balls (ummm ovaries?) to the wall. If you are trying to lose weight, I’d suggest to start by taking a look at what you eat. I’ve been counting my calories, which really isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. If you have an iPhone, go to the app store and download My Fitness Pal. It is a great app that tracks your calories, and you can even update your log online as well. Stick to that, and run (yes, I hate it too!) run run. Running is probably the easiest and fastest way to lose weight (come on, everyone now a days wants to jump on the surgery bandwagon. Don’t do it ladies, at least not without trying on your own first). I’m at 140 lbs right now, my trainer wants me fighting at 115 (ahhh, my high school weight. It is going to feel nice to look at a picture from high school and not want to cry because I got fat!). So that’s 25 pounds I need to shed. AND I want to do it before June 5, we are heading out to Sin City on June 9th and I don’t want to be a stuffed sausage in a one piece bathing suit!
I’m going to be posting updates and tips, why not try to lose weight with me?

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