Facebook and the tween

What do you do when you find out your tween has a Facebook you didn’t know about?

Touchy subject with many parents, “my kid is far too young to be on a social network, Predators are lurking and luring in children that don’t know better.”

So do you disallow your tween to participate in the social network scramble? My suggestion would be NO, let them have their Facebook! Their generation is one of technology, and to be frank predators are EVERYWHERE not just on the internet. I would, however, get that email login and password (YOU are the parent, it’s important to have that). I wouldn’t suggest doing so with a teenager, but with a tween it’s ok. Log into that fb, go to the account settings and change EVERYTHING to “friends only”, very personal things such as locations to “only me”. You can even customize who searches and views the page.  Change the birthday to month and day only (prevent that tween from fronting as a teen). I’d steer clear of snooping, you don’t want to start the teenage years off by having your kid feel like you don’t trust them.

Why the heck should I take your advice, you may wonder. Heck,my kids are babies, what do I know about parenting a TWEEN. But I’m speaking from the point of view of someone who grew up in a very strict household so I’m more than experienced in this area, allowing your child to be themself and experience life is ok! Set your boundaries and monitor them. (by the way, checking the wall is a good way to get a jist of your tween’s social personality when you aren’t around. One HUGE perk to allowing a Facebook page is that you can catch a whiff of your tween from a friend’s point of view) Peer pressure is stronger now than it was when I was a kid, and that wasn’t too long ago. Sheltering a child will only make them be sneaky, so why not try to be open? Today’s world definitely has a lot of room for tweens/kids to sneak behind your back, the best advice I can give (coming from a past teen THAT WAS THE SNEAKY ONE!) is to be open and understanding, try not to judge and get angry too easily. Yea, you can block the internet and voila! problem fixed,  no more Facebook for you little missy! But what does that really solve? Perhaps it will be a shoe in for teasing at school, it definitely won’t stop them from anything else.

Leave a smooch and let me know your point of view on this topic, it is a good one to discuss that’s for sure!

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3 Responses to Facebook and the tween

  1. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Good post. I’m about to venture into all of this territory with teenagers and tweens (whatever that is) who are not at all used to internet access, so it will be interesting.

    • simplyfemale says:

      Thank you!
      Very interesting age, where one discovers a bit more about themself as an individual. I should have given a definition, a “tween” (as I’ve seen it in context) is in between a child and a teen. A pre-teen that is closer to the teenage years.

  2. Jenn says:

    I completely agree with you! It’s hard finding that fine line of trust and snooping. But youre right. Having a Facebook page allows you to see what other kids are saying to them, who they are friends with, and get a feel of who they are when they aren’t with you! I’m a fellow sept mommy so I know our kiddos are tiny, but they’ll be Tweens before we know it!

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