10 ways to show your man you appreciate him

Many women wonder if chivalry is dead. I mean come on, dudes really open car doors and pull out chairs for women? Puh-lease, I can do that myself! is the attitude many women carry now-a-days. Yes, it would be nice to find a perfectly pristine gentleman. Truth is, most gals wouldn’t know what to do with him if he came knocking at her door with a dozen long-stemmed red roses.

Many relationships do lack that chivalry that makes your partner feel loved and appreciated. Here are 10 ways that you can show your man that you appreciate, love and most importantly respect him. If you feel that he is not deserving of these actions, then you need to seriously ask yourself “Why am I still here?”. Corny as they may seem, men love to be treated as the king of the castle. And hell, if he is holding it down the least you can do is let him know he IS the king of the castle!

10. Treat him to a back massage after an exceptionally long day at work

9. If you know he is hot and tired (especially if he has a manly job that requires his physical strength all day), put a mug filled with water in the freezer about 10 minutes before he arrives home.

8. Scrawl out an “I love you” with a kiss mark on a post it note and stick it in  his work shirt or pants.

7. Lay out his undies, tank top and socks for him while he is in the shower.

6. Have a nice hot dinner waiting for him when he gets home.

5. Throw in a “Yes, Sir” every now and again. (Honey: Did you put the laundry to dry, babe? Me: Yes sir, I sure did.) What better way to make your man feel like he is respected than calling him sir once in a while?

4. Fill his gas tank for him (bonus points if it is his man car)

3. Look up a fact or two about his favorite thing, and engage a conversation about it.

2. Buy yourself something new that you know will catch his eye. ( A sexy pair of panties, a hot new shade of lipstick, some jeans that accentuate your plump booty).

1.  Make sure to serve him first ALWAYS. Even if there are guests over, my saying is “Daddy gets served first”.

 Bonus Tip: Blowdry your hair or put your makeup on in your bra, panties and a pair of pumps. Even if you’re not in the best of shape, I’m sure your man still finds you hot. This is sure to drive him wild!

Most gals feel that catering to their guy is so last century. But being in a relationship, especially a marriage, requires selflessness. Give it a try and let me know how your man responded!!

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