For the Coca-Cola kitchen

We are definitely the Coca-Cola family. (My husband works for them, but we’ve always been on the coke side). I, along with so many other people, adore the whole brand itself. I’m slowly growing my collection, and just added to it about 5 minutes ago. I thought I would share, it’s an uber easy DIY. It literally took me 1 minute to do. Best of all, it requires enjoying the product before use.

Step 1. Go to your local Mexican grocer or taqueria and order yourself a “Mexican Fanta”. (I suppose a Coke will work too, but the effect won’t be as awesome). Make sure it is a “Mexican” one. The one in the glass bottle (these taste waaaay better anyways)

Step 2. Enjoy it. (this step is required!)

Step 3. Bring it home with you.

Step 4. Rinse the bottle out.

Step 5. Add a corresponding color of dish soap. I used Fanta orange as my bottle, so naturally I filled it with Ajax orange.

Step 6. Do your dishes -____-

Here is my end result. I love the fact that this adds a colorful flair to a Coca-Cola decor!


Another pic


Enjoy, just make sure not to accidentally drink it. 🙂

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